2015 Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

It has been a while since I have had time to go out in town specifically to photograph something for myself. This weekend past, the annual Melbourne Zombie Shuffle seemed like a good reason to grab my camera and come head to head with over 5000 zombies invading the streets of Melbourne … well that was the plan anyway.

I thought zombies shuffled slowly so I took my time having a leisurely long lunch with a friend bonding over all you can eat butter nann and yummy dahl after a quick wander around the Melbourne Design Market at the Federation Square. Plenty of time for zombies I thought. Well I thought wrong and ended up missing the entire shuffle. Urgh. As all the leftover zombies were saying.

Oh well, even though the shuffle was over by the time I hit the streets there were still straggling zombies here and there – I followed the last of them to the end point of the shuffle and met a dying blood fest there (forgive the pun). Exhausted zombies, zombies chilling out, zombies queuing up to buy a drink on a hot sunny day … it was all rather bizarre. Here are some photos of some of the zombies that stuck around. Kudos for all the effort people go into to make this such a fun and seriously weird day. The only thing I didn’t quite enjoy was all the flies that were buzzing around … for once we can blame the decomposing dead people and not Australia.  Have a good week ahead!


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