Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt in Austria is a fairy tale destination. It honestly is a place where dreams are made of. A UNESCO heritage site that truly deserves its place. You know how they say ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ – well China has somehow copied the entire alpine village so I suppose it must be really something.

We drove from Salzburg into Hallstatt and the entire Slazkammergut region was breathtaking. Arriving into Hallstatt itself, we had to park outside of the village center as no visitor cars were allowed. That was o.k because Hallstatt itself is tiny! You can walk from one end of it to another in minutes if you run – but that is part of its charm. You cannot help but gasp in wonder at the grandeur of the mountains that surround you and then you realise that you are literally at the foot of one as well. The entire village is built right into the mountain as there is hardly any room for realestate. ‘Garages’ are also sheds on the water for parking boats. Unique indeed. Special it is.

Unfortunately we visited just before the start of the tourist season so the famous salt mines was not open for visitors. Still it was the perfect place to take some walks, relax, revel and just simply marvel. Tip: suggest staying overnight if you want to experience Hallstatt without the troops of tourists marching in and out during the day.

Sunrise hitting the peaks of the mountains surrounding Hallstatt. A final linger before we headed off into Slovenia.


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