Fur Babies!

I never thought I’d be someone who would have a dog in my life. Nope. Now what I’m going to say following on from that is that I definitely did NOT think that I would be someone who would have TWO dogs in my life.

When we got Shinko my first dog in May last year (honestly she is the love of my life), I wouldn’t have imagined that just over a year later we would get the second. Kenji, the Jack Russell cross Maltese / Shih Tzu joined our home three weeks ago and I’m still in a state of semi shock. A little like an unplanned pregnancy except without the 9 months of mental preparation available.

I would love to say it’s all been peachy since Kenji arrived but I must say we have been through our fair share of new puppy trauma with sleepless nights filled with howling and cleaning up puppy mess. Definitely not fun at 3.00 in the morning. Trying to manage a touch of jealousy from Shinko as well as getting on to training the new puppy it’s been more than a handful. We’re getting better … life is a little less human and a little more dog at the moment, but in a good way. I think I am enjoying this fur babies parenthood… and I can’t say I would change a thing. Please meet new little Kenji … and Shinko of course 🙂


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