Budapest, Hungary

Budapest was our last stop for a three week whirlwind trip around Austria and parts of Eastern Europe. By this time, we were tired, having been through snow, sleet and sub zero temperatures through Prague in Czech Republic, Austria and then driven across countries from Austria, into Slovenia and then Croatia. The relatively warm weather in Budapest was a welcome respite.

I had developed quite a bad cold by now and spent quite a lot of time resting in the relative sanctuary of the hotel. Luckily we had anticipated this wave of traveller’s fatigue and had decided to splurge on the Marriott in Budapest which was right on the Danube Promenade providing stunning views across the Danube river to the Buda Castle district including that of the beautiful Chain Bridge and the Fisherman’s Bastion.

Despite my compromised sense of smell and taste and even hearing, I did not miss the unmistakable buzz of the capital of Hungary. It was a grungy and exciting city with lots to see and do, filled with sculptures everywhere you look, interesting streets and hideaway gems amongst the city’s grandest buildings.  Here’s a summary of my brief visit to the city in pictures.


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