Willow Woods Bunny Boarding

Thanks to Willow Woods Bunny Boarding for inviting me to their premises to photograph Woffles and Pumpkin, both lop bunnies. Pumpkin and Waffles belong to the owners of the facility located in Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne’s West. I have never photographed bunnies before so I was really looking forward to meeting these bunnies and checking out a bunny boarding facility! The owners were really lovely and obviously loved these cute fluffy creatures. I was impressed by how the place was set up, with large cages, plenty of toys and space for the boarding bunnies. It seems like your fluffy hoppers will be wont for nothing! As I was photographing Waffles and Pumpkin, they were spending most of their time thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the cages. It is clear that they take pride in the health and welfare of their bunnies and are filled with bunny knowledge that they were only too happy to share! If you have a beloved bunny you need boarding please check these guys out. They are wonderful, professional and from what I can see, dedicated to bunnies. Now, if only they boarded puppies too! I would leave Shinko with them in a second seeing the level of care that they take with their animals! I had a great time getting to know more about Pumpkin and Woffles and learning to handle them … they really are cute! It was definitely a different experience from photographing cats and dogs because they don’t really respond to you (and why should they? Bunny land seems so awesome) as a cat or a dog would. It was great to have Willow Woods Bunny Boarding’s helpful owners pop Pumpkin and Woffles in place while I snapped away, they were really great with me ordering them around as well! I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I had fun taking them.


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