Shinko, the Chipoodle Puppy in the Park

Shinko is my new puppy.

She is a long hair chihuahua crossed with a toy poodle so she’s probably one of the tiniest dogs you will ever see. People are constantly amazed at how tiny she is. We are hoping that she will grow a little more so that she can hold her own amongst other much larger dogs.

Anyway, Shinko’s going on four months soon and she has been one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time. She’s finally had her vaccinations and we got to take her for a really long walk and a frolic in the park yesterday. She had a ball, and ended up really scruffy. We didn’t care because we had so much fun! I must admit it was rather difficult trying to photograph her as she’s so small and so fast! In any case, I’m sure she will be featured in many posts on this blog in the time to come! And yes. I am slightly embarassed to admit, but she has her own facebook page – like Shinko’s page here for more updates.


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